Latest News that we have all been waiting for...

Latest News that we have all been waiting for...
5 Feb 2014

The Town Hall in Albatera made a law to authorize Certificate of Habitations in properties, even with less than 10.000 m2. This law was definitely approved last week - Finally

So, now, the process to obtain the Certificate of Habitation in Albatera is open.

Please, click below to read more about the case.

Also, please, feel free to contact us for further help and advice on this matter as well as TLA Corp themselves (local lawyers firm we collaborate with who are experts in rustic property in particular)

Spain has quite a complicated class structure, first of all there are the Grandees followed closely by Nobles, next in order are middle class professionals followed by lower middle class white collar workers, then there are the blue collar and the peasant underclass’s and close to the bottom of the pecking order come the many foreigners that descend on Spain, me and possibly you! There are then the Moroccans followed closely by the gypsies.

The modern democracy of Spain, that is now part of the European Union, is made up of seventeen regions.

Foreigners considering buying property here fall into two main categories. They are either going to move here on a permanent basis, or are looking for a holiday home.

Whichever you are interested in, this web site will provide you with a great deal of very useful information. Subjects included amongst many more are:

  • Amenities
  • Education
  • Health
  • Cars & driving
  • Employment
  • Taxation
  • Property buying

........and much more information in a simple, easy to read and follow format

Because of our own experience and research, you can now accomplish your dreams in a fraction of the time it would have taken, and without hopefully too much effort on your part.

Adapting to life in any new country is an ongoing process and shouldn't be rushed in any way. Frustration, confusion and stress can arise when buying or selling a house - no matter where!

There are many reasons why families may want to leave the security and comfort of their own country. A couple of the main ones among British expatriates seem to be the desire to live in a land which is not quite so wet, cold and dark; and where the pace of life is not such a challenge. For those nearing retirement age, there is also the incentive that the Spanish Health system has an excellent reputation without such long waiting times for treatment. This is dependant upon the area you choose of course!

Many families take the decision to move to Spain because of its:

  • better climate - with approximately 315 days per year of sunshine
  • large expatriate communities
  • lower cost of living
    • This gap has got smaller in just the few years we have been here and Spain is slowly catching up but it is still much cheaper to go out to eat and drink than it is in the UK

The majority of foreign residents in Spain originate from northern Europe, all of which have a poorer climate. There are more UK residents here than all other residing foreigners combined. Whatever your reasons, there is a lot to think about before you undertake such a major change in your life!

If you have no need for work, read no further - the Spanish sun is here waiting for you.

However, if you require a regular income to support your family then you need to give careful thought to how you are going to achieve this.

For the majority of people, their introduction to Spain starts as a holiday. For some, this continues as a regular part of life, with return visits year after year. Many purchase a holiday home for themselves and family, visiting Spain not once but perhaps several times a year. In a surprisingly large number of cases, the call becomes greater and then extends so that wider family groups take up permanent residence here.

There are many hurdles to overcome including children to educate, a home to buy and work to find. Problems will also come up that won't have been anticipated. However, most of the families who set off on this exciting, even if slightly scary, adventure will end up by settling down well into these new surroundings and enjoying a completely different lifestyle, some will not they will want to return from whence they came. Life in a different country is not for everyone and some (in fact many) will return for many different reasons but hopefully they will have gained something from their experience living here if only for a short time.

The Spanish are very tolerant of their country's invasion by so many foreigners. Seemingly there are no problems, with nationals of many different countries living harmoniously with their neighbours in Spain - which is probably the most cosmopolitan of any of the World's countries. Many Spaniards speak several languages - as do other citizens from within the EU.

Unfortunately, the British tend not to learn other languages so readily. Some are shy of trying and so, by necessity and habit, will stick together with other members of their native land. However, I do feel things are beginning to change now that more and more people with young families are moving here and becoming more at ease with the language and the locals are realizing that they need to help us to speak the language for their sakes as well as ours.

The Spanish authorities hope that you will like their country - and by the way - you have as much right to reside in it as they do. They are very aware that each month foreign residents are cashing their pensions or depositing their pay cheques in Spanish banks, bringing prosperity to all who live here themselves included. Making many purchases for their new homes and setting up businesses making their towns more profitable. This is one of the reasons why they will do as much as they can to ensure that your stay will be as pleasant and problem free as possible.

The drawback is that they will do it their way - which can sometimes be a little hard to accept and sometimes difficult to understand, especially when you and I are used to life moving along at a faster pace.

When you arrive, be positive and look for the good. It's in abundance all around. If you are patient (remember you came here for a slower pace of life) you will reap the many benefits of a different society, enjoy the beautiful climate and make Spanish friends.

If you have children, you will enjoy the pleasant experience of seeing them spend most of their time outside in the sun and not stuck in front of the TV or totally bored because it's wet and cold outside.

Spain has so much to offer but you must remember, what you do and how you do it, is entirely up to you and this alone will determine the quality and length of time you spend in the beautiful warm Spanish sunshine with it's very friendly people.

This web site contains information on most subjects relating to living in Spain or owning property here. If you read it carefully, you will not only avoid some of the more common problems but probably save a considerable amount of time as well. However, it is written with my own enthusiasm for Spain and everyones situation and outlook is different so please bare this in mind.

Without a doubt, Spain's climate and "laid back" way of life are the main reasons for well over one and a half million foreigners now owning property - not just on the many Spanish coasts but throughout Spain. This amount is increasing, as more people, mainly from the colder climates of Northern Europe, go in search of the sun and a more relaxed way of life. The British have always been and still are, the single largest group. However, a word of caution. As I have mentioned before, Spain does not suit everyone and increasingly is becoming more like its European partners to the North. New laws, work and residence regulations and tax and property laws are now similar to those found in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, having said that there is still quite some way to go before they catch up.

Remember living in Spain is not a permanent holiday - even if you don't work. There are many things you will have to learn to cope with - the two most important things being Spanish bureaucracy and inefficiency, possibly one of the reasons why it hasn't quite caught up yet!

"Patience is a Virtue"

To stand in a queue for half an hour is not unusual. Neither is it unusual for the checkout girl to suddenly strike up a conversation with the girl on the next till and talk as if you do not exist. Neither is it out of the ordinary for you to be stuck behind a car whilst the driver chats to his amigo on the pavement for five minutes! as if you were not there.

Gaining attention will not work, as neither will getting irate - Take the easy option- be patient. When you learn the language you can even join in, which will even help pass the time while you are waiting! A good tip I have found is that out of my busy day if I have to wait for him to move on then it's a little time out for me a scarce break! so I just wait and chill (most of the time anyway!)

Be aware though people naively believe that Mañana is a password, which when spoken, means the necessity for compliance with any of the country's laws, is not really necessary allowing them to put off indefinitely those things which cannot really wait. If this is what you want from Spain take note - things are now changing. As each year passes, Spain takes on more of the characteristics of its Northern European partners. With each year seeing new laws to make more accountable the activities of those concerned with driving, car ownership, banking, insurance, employment, companies and anything else which the Spanish Government and Brussels feel are worthy of their attention.

Whether your intention is to buy a holiday home or make Spain your permanent residence, there are things you need to know and things you will have to do if you are to achieve your aim without too many serious problems. Unlike a couple or so years ago, these can no longer be ignored. Actually they could be if only for a while but almost certainly will be to your disadvantage and expense. But before we put you off the idea altogether take comfort from the fact that the vast majority of foreign residents comply easily with the requirements of Spanish law and its bureaucracy and are left alone to enjoy their lives under the Spanish sun. For however long they choose.

What are the Spanish really like?

Most Spanish people live quite happily together with the majority of foreigners, but many people that move to Spain choose to live in Urbanizations and areas that are very touristy, these people however, have little interaction with the local population.

The reason why Spaniards live longer than other Europeans soon becomes obvious when you see them at work where they seem not to be prepared to put themselves into an early grave for the sake of their job. The State also seems to support this point of view allowing many public holidays and thirteen paid months per year for workers and also labour laws also seeming to be very much on the side of the employee.

This being so then is it the country you are hoping or wanting to move to. A country of Spaniards, who very generously and also with good humour, welcome the millions of people who visit their country every year for their annual holidays and playing host to over a million and a half foreigners who also live here full time.

Of all the places in the world where British expatriates can be found, Spain, above all other countries, offers the greatest opportunity for successful, permanent settling by the average Briton. Just look around and see the many successful businesses set up by expats and talk to people that have gone before you, get as much information as you can and use it wisely.

There does seem to be a special relationship which exists between the two countries even though it is never really spoken about, perhaps not at political level but certainly at a people level. Devote your time and give your friendship to a Spaniard and your reward will be worthwhile.

As you will quickly discover if you move here, the bureaucracy and paperwork necessary to comply with the law has to be amongst the most time consuming and awkward in the world, most people who encounter this will their patience and strength tested to the absolute limit.

So is Spain for you?

Most who decide that it is are pleased with their decision and reckon that the quality of life offered by Spain is not only due to its wonderful climate but also to the very heart and soul of its loud people who could probably be described as being among the most generous and hospitable in the whole world. The Spanish give for pleasure and not to receive, they really do!

It is an honour and a privilege to be invited into a Spanish home although it is rare that this will happen, if it does you should be delighted. Having said this very often Spaniards do marry foreigners, sometimes much to the disapproval and disappointment of the relatives. This is also changing and becoming more acceptable though.

Remember though the Spanish have lived here for all of their lives and you have only just arrived, they probably have all the friends they need and unless you are fluent it will be difficult as an adult to just slip into their lives so don't expect too much though there are exceptions to the rule. If you are a child then it can very different, my daughter is evidence of this, she has all Spanish friends - she was 9 when we arived, she is now 13! she no longer wants to return to the UK for holidays for fear of missing things here, her life is here now which is a fantastic feeling knowing we did the right thing for her at the very least by coming here in the first place, which brings me to an article I have just written for a local expat newsaper regarding friends in Spain...........

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